Ithaca is one of the seven Ionian islands on the Italian side of Greece. It was made famous as the home of Odysseus by Homer in his great epics the Iliad and the Odyssey. There are ongoing excavations taking place at a nearby village where there are ancient ruins as well as evidence of a Mycenaean era city. Find out more about that HERE.

Kioni is the most beautiful village in Ithaca. The entrance to the bay is marked by three old windmills and from here one sees the picturesque village with its houses dotted on the hillsides that are covered with olive groves and Cyprus trees creating a tapestry of green shades. Kioni has four pebbled beaches with crystal clear waters that make for superb snorkeling.

There are six tavernas on the waterfront, each serving traditional Greek food, fish, mousaka, spanakopita as well as local wine. There are two bars, both right on the water's edge. The local convenience store sells almost everything from fresh vegetables to Scotch whiskey, English breakfast tea and fresh, island-baked bread.
Firstly a disclaimer... we are not a travel agency, but do aim to make it as easy as possible for you to visit this little piece of heaven on earth. We will help you however we can. Here are some diagrams and some links to useful sites, for example to see the ferry timetable etc.
Link for the ferry to take you from the mainland to Ithaca:
Patras-Ithaca via Kefalonia - with Strintzis
you could also call them at +30 2610 240000  or  +30 210 4225000

Links for other ferries:
Vasiliki (Lefkada) to Frikes (Ithaca) - with Captain Aristides
Lefkada-Kefalonia-Ithaca (Piso Aetos) - with Ionian Pelagos
Astakos (mainland)-Kefalonia - Ithaca (Piso Aetos) - with Ionian Pelagos
Sea Taxi Service for the Ionian Islands.

Info for the bus (Athens to Patras)
Buses leave Athens almost hourly from Kiffissou Bus Station in Athens to Patras. Since your Ferry would usually leave Patras for Ithaca at 12:30pm and 8:30pm, you need plan accordingly. Check the schedules here:
Bus Terminal Athens 100, Kifissou St., tel.: 2105129498 or 2105147310

Some of these buses from Kiffissou Bus terminal connect directly to the ferry and will disembark at Sami in Kefalonia (the port before it reaches Ithaca) So it's important to remember that you will need to take your luggage off the bus once you get on the ferry!

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